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y Claudia Petrucci
World Editions, In progress
(L'esercizio, La nave di Teseo, 2020
Claudia Petrucci’s debut novel, The Performance, published by La Nave di Teseo as L’esercizio in early 2020, has garnered much praise and attention; awarded the Premio Internazionale Flaiano (under 30), the book was also a finalist for the Premio John Fante Opera Prima 2020 for an emerging author’s first work. Striking in the novel is the aspect of manipulation by the two male characters, who attempt to reinvent the protagonist, Giorgia, based on their own projections of what they want her to be. Viewed from a feminist slant, it is disturbing and unsettling: a powerful, riveting portrayal of influence and control....

M. Il figlio del secolo by Antonio Scurati

Fourth Estate/HarperCollins, UK and HarperCollins US, Forthcoming April 2021
(Bompiani, 2018)
Winner of the Premio Strega 2019

Antonio Scurati’s “M.,” a novel about the rise of the dictator, Benito Mussolini, was on Italian best-seller lists for weeks. “In the Italian imagination, Mussolini remains a kind of totem, a figure of great charisma, a kind of perverse national father whom we have repressed,” Scurati said in an interview. The unexpected popularity of “M” has provoked debate in Italy on Mussolini’s legacy. Some say the book is a much-needed reminder of the evils of fascism, particularly for young people. Jonathan Burnham, president and publisher of the Harper division of HarperCollins called the book “a timely investigation of how fascism can take root in a society.”

“A New Book About Mussolini Is Provoking a Debate Over His Legacy.”: New York Times, Dec. 8, 2018 


Il grande ritratto by Dino Buzzati
NYRB Classics, In progress
(Mondadori, 1960) 
Il grande ritratto is a 1960 novel by Dino Buzzati that tells the story of a scientist who becomes entangled with a large intelligent machine in which the woman he loves is reincarnated. From the opening pages the reader is drawn into circumstances that are unknown to him when Ermanno Ismani, an unassuming university professor, is summoned by the minister of defense to accept a two-year, unspecified, top-secret mission at an indeterminate remote location: a mysterious Center – a scientific laboratory of sorts – in a damp, cold, inhospitable, military-like setting. What interested me about a retranslation of Henry Reed’s Larger than Life (1962) was the opportunity to recast it in a different light now that views on science fiction have evolved. In the introduction to Mondadori’s 1981 edition (20 years after the book’s original publication), Maurizio Vitta suggested that the work had been harmed by the critics’ tendency to misunderstand it, instantly associating it with the general current of science fiction prevalent at the time.  


Game of the Gods

by Paolo Maurensig

World Editions, Forthcoming January 2021
(Il gioco degli dei, Einaudi, 2019)
Poised between East and West, between reality and fiction, Game of the Gods is the story of Malik Mir Sultan Khan,
the humble servant who for a brief moment became king.
An American journalist, stationed in Punjab in the mid-sixties, decides to meet the man whom the gods or chance
endowed with a natural talent at chaturanga, the ancient Indian ancestor of chess. Brought to the court of a nabob who
helps him perfect his style in the chaturanga, he is introduced to the western version of the game so that he can humiliate
the British colonialists and show off his victories throughout Europe. A success on the world stage of chess, his skills
eventually drag Malik into a strange game of warfare that will decide the fate of the Second World War.

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