Current Projects... Forthcoming and In Progress

THEORY OF SHADOWS by Paolo Maurensig
Forthcoming January 2018 from Farrar Straus Giroux
(Teoria delle ombre, Adelphi, 2015)
Who killed world chess champion Alexander Alekhine? The investigation
is skillfully elaborated by the chess-loving author of The Lüneburg Variation.


JOURNEYING by Claudio Magris
Forthcoming Spring 2018 from Yale University Press
(L’infinito viaggiare, Mondadori, 2005). A collection of travel writings,
which the author dedicates to the companions of his journey whom he has
loved, and who have already arrived. Journeying with Magris, the reader
travels through time and against time in a passage that is a continuous
preamble, a prelude to something that is always still to come and always
just around the corner.


CATTIVI by Maurizio Torchio
Seagull Books, In progress
(Einaudi, 2015)
From the dark pit of an isolation cell a voice wells up. It is that of a prisoner serving a life sentence for kidnapping: a cruel play of mirrors that replicates perpetrators and victims, imprisonment and freedom, in a kaleidoscopic effect. What takes place in solitary confinement is pure time, devoid of events. So much so that it makes the world outside seem even more evanescent, more unreal than the past, more illusory than dreams. A coincidence of loneliness unites and equalizes prisoners and jailers. Cattivi is a novel of suppressed words and feelings, distorted by the internment that restricts them, as well as a story of survival in extreme conditions. Critic Goffredo Fofi wrote: “One of the best books about the condition of captivity or, by extension, about the human condition.”

by Francesca Borri

Seven Stories Press, In progress
(Einaudi, 2017)
A reporter’s thoughtful and spirited foray into a Maldives that lies beyond the facade presented to tourists who visit the islands. Though vacationers at the resorts are largely unaware that they are in a Muslim country, the Maldives is a jihadist breeding ground: “In the Maldives everybody has a brother, a cousin, a friend in Syria. In August, while the whole world watched the Olympics, in the Maldives everyone watched the Battle of Aleppo.”

Finalist for the European Press Prize Distinguished Writing Award 2017

DEVIATION by Luce d'Eramo
Farrar Straus Giroux
(Deviazione, Mondadori, 1979; Feltrinelli 2012)
A fictional account of the time the author spent in the Nazi labor camps
during World War II, when as a young woman she left home to go and
see for herself the stark reality of oppression and exploitation. A harrowing,
surreal experience told with great emotional intensity.

SNAPSHOTS by Claudio Magris
Yale University Press

(Istantanee, La Nave di Teseo, 2016)
A collection of quick takes whose dates range from 1999 to 2013, most of
the pieces are very brief, offering glimpses of life and culture as captured
through the author’s very personal lens. The panoramic nature of the
vignettes is broad in scope, encompassing a variety of subjects rendered
in quick, decisive brushstrokes and always engaging.

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