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JOURNEYING by Claudio Magris
Yale University Press, March 20, 2018
(L’infinito viaggiare, Mondadori, 2005). A collection of travel writings,
which the author dedicates to the companions of his journey whom he has
loved, and who have already arrived. Journeying with Magris, the reader
travels through time and against time in a passage that is a continuous
preamble, a prelude to something that is always still to come and always
just around the corner.


THEORY OF SHADOWS by Paolo Maurensig
Farrar Straus Giroux, January 2018
(Teoria delle ombre, Adelphi, 2015)
Who killed world chess champion Alexander Alekhine? The investigation
is skillfully elaborated by the chess-loving author of The Lüneburg Variation.


THE NIGHT OF THE MOTHS by Riccardo Bruni
AmazonCrossing, December 2017

(La notte delle falene, Amazon Publishing, 2015)
An intriguing mystery, originally an Amazon self-published title that made it onto the
Premio Strega 2016 long-list. Under the wistful gaze of the murdered victim, Alice, the
friends of one time are transported back to the events of that night ten years ago when
their youthful world was shattered, plunging them into the darkness of a violence
still shrouded in shadow.

BLAMELESS by Claudio Magris
Yale University Press, April 2017
(Non luogo a procedere, Garzanti, 2015)
From one of Europe’s most revered authors, a tale of one man’s obsessive
project to collect the instruments of death, evil, and humanity’s darkest atrocities
in order to oppose them. Centered on a man whose maniacal devotion to the
creation of a Museum of War dedicated to the documentation of war for the
promotion of peace, Claudio Magris’s new novel ruthlessly confronts the human
obsession with war and its savagery in every age and time, and involves both a
horrible secret and the hope of redemption. A narrative that becomes a hymn to peace,
a plea to eliminate war and a condemnation of those who condone evil:
"This is hell; general amnesty, absolution before trial, the decision not to prosecute."

NEVER AGAIN SO CLOSE by Claudia Serrano
AmazonCrossing, January 2017
(Mai più così vicina, Giunti, 2015)
A young woman moves to Milan to pursue her long-held dream of writing a
novel. But when she meets the charismatic Vittorio, he upends her world
and changes her priorities. Their whirlwind relationship is as thrilling as it
is painful.

DON'T TELL ME YOU'RE AFRAID by Giuseppe Catozzella
The Penguin Press, August 2016
(Non dirmi che hai paura, Feltrinelli, 2014)
A finalist for the 2014 edition of the Premio Strega, this is a moving story
about an extraordinary, spirited young Somali woman who leaves her
homeland, determined to pursue her dream. An affecting narrative with
truly wrenching moments.

SYRIAN DUST by Francesca Borri
Seven Stories Press, April 2016
(La Guerra Dentro, Bompiani, 2014)
A raw and powerful account of the Syrian war that pitches the reader
right into the middle of it, with no place to hide or take shelter.

MY ITALIANS by Roberto Saviano
Penguin UK, May 2016
(Vieni via con me, Feltrinelli, 2011)
The book is based on a TV program called Vieni Via Con Me (Come
Away With Me), with episodes narrating the clandestine operations
of the powerful Neapolitan Camorra, among other stories.

LIKE FAMILY by Paolo Giordano
Pamela Dorman Books / Viking/Penguin,
December 2015
(Il nero e l'argento, Einaudi, 2014)
The author's third novel is the story of a happy, untried couple, and
the housekeeper who becomes the custodian of their relationship and the
compass by which they may orient themselves in calm or stormy seas.

THREE LIGHT-YEARS by Andrea Canobbio
Farrar, Straus & Giroux,
 2014; The MacLehose Press,  2015
(Tre anni luce, Feltrinelli, 2013)

Certain loves seem light years away. Yet sometimes they are the most
significant, the only ones that really count for us: the ones that generate
the universe in which we live.


THE HUMAN BODY by Paolo Giordano
Pamela Dorman Books / Viking/Penguin, 2014
(Il corpo umano, Mondadori, 2012)
Giordano’s second novel, set at a military base in Afghanistan, recounts the
experience of a platoon of young soldiers for whom the mission in Afghanistan
will be the first major challenge of their lives.

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